Sunday, January 4, 2009

promised myself i'd go to sleep on time tonight

last night i got sucked into you tube, then there was an incessant barky dog outside for like 2 hours, THEN a couple all bundled up in winter jackets, proceeded to have an almost fist fight outside my window at like 4 AM. or something. so, even though i've gotten myself slightly more organized to tackle the week ahead, i really should just go to bed now. i want to show you pictures from walking around chicago. and i already posted a bunch of pictures from home on facebook. and i have like 6 rolls of film to get processed. all of this not related to any real up and coming art project. i have to pack 4 pieces to go to the slow way to Seattle....seems like its going to be a great show at Platform Gallery, i wish i could be there! this is my first "someone found me" show, i.e. i was asked out of the blue to be in it, and it just feels great! new hard drive for my computer is coming tomorrow, with a new back up drive, hopefully soon my new keyboard will be here so the laptop can be portable again (dont' spill things on it, its a no-no. especially when you don't recall spilling anything on it, but obviously something was spilled on it). work starts tomorrow, which isn't necessarily a bad thing because i work best against the grain. i have a bunch of teaching stuff to apply for, hopefully i can write some cover letters without too much brain numbing action. and i want to alter the desk in my (half) studio. lets just hope martin luther king day is farther away than i think it is. all this and the day has been spent reading final papers from digital photo last semester with yo-yo ma playing Bach cello suites in the background. all i can say is in some sick sense its good that there was only one season of Firefly, or would have gotten nothing done at all this weekend.

have to figure out how to post things here, on flickr, and facebook simultaneously. or not.

and i have to finish that book about richard nickel in 2009. or any book. seriously. not counting the ones with mostly pictures.

to sleep. now.

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