Tuesday, January 13, 2009

no more mushrooms

a cold finally caught up to me, yesterday. been trying to take it easy, watching some sarah connor chronicles and samantha who? both from season 1. room is a mess from trying to fill out applications over the weekend, its hard to look at and not want to clean up. yesterday i remembered i had this bottle of awesome mushroom tincture which boosts your immune system, but its almost gone and i can't seem to find it in the city (metagenics: mycoferon), which has made me very sad. how am i going to get better now? still on this colon detox, until thursday, but i have to admit that i'm not following the dietary guidelines very closely. so, well, it will still do some kind of job, just maybe not the best. i have been giving my liver a rest though, so at least thats something. i thought maybe at first this "cold" was related to detoxing, but i think its a real cold. maybe i need some vitamins, which the "dietary guidelines" would be providing if i were following them more closely. but bugger, i'm sick and don't want to cook - so soup from a can is just fine. anyway, here's some iphone pix from a mid-morning walk last week with my gal somewhere in the east village, i can't remember where now, but up in the alphabets below nearish to 14th.....so many reflections! i need a mini polarizing filter for the cameraphone!! they had awesome little plants inside...truly other worlds, and thay were huge! some were 2' wide.

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