Thursday, March 18, 2010

its a thursday night

haven't been able to focus very well all week. not sure why, been taking my vitamins, getting almost enough sleep. on the way back from eating dinner tonight I looked at the sunset sky and though "that looks photoshopped" (we learned the "Liquidfy" tool today in class). Walking across the Brown campus today I thought "this is just too perfect, like a facsimile of what an ivy league college is supposed to look like". I've always said it felt like being in a movie. People I meet are often meant to be on their way to somewhere else. I get there at the very end of their "this-ness". I myself am in my own bubble. I've started photographing my apartment again. It has many dustbunnies. when i get in the car I want TO GO. Not across town, but away. wherever, anywhere. until I run out of gas. my new job is intense. the students are great, they challenge me. i need to clean off surfaces. the state of my desk is the state of my mind. its 8:30 already. damn. gonna try to put things here on blogger more, more streamline, though the cacophony of facebook seems to suit my state of mind. but i can try. seems like when echo and the bunnymen got to "ocean rain" they lost steam. too poppy.