Saturday, June 28, 2008

let me ramble a bit

"In philosophy, a Dérive is a French concept meaning an aimless walk, probably through city streets, that follows the whim of the moment. It is sometimes translated as a drift,." (wikipedia)

*drift* sounds a lot harsher than *aimless walk*, but i aspire to the concept.

for 3 months in the summer, i have 3 days off a week. during the 9 months of the academic year, i have, at best, 1 day off a week. often none. therefore, this summer i am using those 3 days like never before. multitasking the hell out of space and time. forcing my brain to organize things in a logical way (for me). leaving myself enough time to walk to brunch in greenpoint and back, to discover things like the skyscraper museum, to go back and photograph things i've seen alongthe way when the light is better. to list things on ebay until 3am while watching DVD's of "heroes" that my roommate left out for me to watch. those japanese guys crack me up! making it all ok for everything to be ok. making art. noticing things.

actually liking new york, instead of just living here.

i've just begun to interact with my neighborhood directly. not just drinking in bars, buying groceries, going to a show, but using its spaces as vessels for images that i have been making. their contents come directly from the streets in the first place, therefore it only seems right that they make it back out there somehow, in a just as ephemeral form. pictures forthcoming from tonights adventure, check back tomorrow.

another reason to start this blog now, i'm making a month long trip across the US of A, with a little Canada thrown in for good measure. someplaces i've been, most i haven't. lets see what happens.

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