Monday, June 30, 2008

late sunday night

ok, so i meant to go out last night, but with all this rain, i chose not to. tonight i pasted one collage up on orchard street, with the new paste mix. maybe a little overkill. super sticky, and i realized i do need some sort of squeegie type thing to smooth out the paper. i used my hand this time, we shall see tomorrow what has happened.

i feel like i'm drinking water as if i haven't seen it for days.

its late, and roaming the streets of the LES on a sunday night is actually rather pleasant. a few drunken groups, mostly around ludlow, and a gaggle of girls on orchard below delancey, but otherwise rather peaceful. very unlike a friday or saturday night. Found a few choice plies of boxes to photograph. I was thinking how the "empty" of the streets actually felt safe, whereas i can remember a time when empty would have been super creepy and potentially dangerous. i don't know which is weirder, in terms of the fact that this is new york city. what does it mean that the streets are safe at 2AM?

i was going to paste up two, but decided i'd wait on the second one until i found the right location. i did a little research and will do some more tomorrow. I think placement, in terms of each composition, outweighs the visibility factor. while i want people to see them, i think its more important that they work where they are placed on the whole. this one is 6' tall and 4' wide, so i have to find somewhere big. i'll try again tomorrow....

i have found some wonderful constructed construction baricades, here's a picture of one....and also, here's a picture of last weeks 1st attempt. i haven't gone back to see if its still there all week, perhaps i will go in the morning. oh, and i better go take my film out of the fridge.

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Seams seamlessly woven in to the outside world.