Monday, January 11, 2010

Kylie mix for you all....

Back to work mode means back to Minimal Wave, so i'm putting Kylie to rest for now.

Made this mix, mostly of remixes i found, which makes me energized, helps me to turn OFF my brain, and provides a sunny feeling during these cold winter days. I'll admit its the gayest thing i've ever put together, in every sense of the word, but you know what, i'm ok with that. (because as you know i'm all about being "cool" haaaa)

and just for the record, i heard her cover of "Love is the Drug" and got hooked from there. after much research I found some tunes/remixes that pleased my ears.

I KNOW there are many of you that would enjoy this just for its bubblegum pop qualities. this is why i'm sharing. do the songs all kind of sound the same? YES! does she sound like Madonna/Fergie/Bjork/Gwen Stephanie at times. YES! but she can hit the high notes like Donna Summer - YES! all the same, she is Kylie, not the others. I think i "get" her now. and she's awesome.

so here you go, enjoy!

jen's kylie mix:

also, some repeats here but i quite like this compilation:

Rare and Unreleased:

In order for me to concentrate, i will be turning back to some serious Minimal German techno very soon (i.e. Kompakt). not as fun, but helps the gears turn when writing *new* multi-disciplinary course descriptions.

and to watch!

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