Saturday, August 29, 2009

listening to la roux

silly english pop star fodder but she's quite sweet and charming and down to earth. fun to see when pop stars are just starting out, before they're "seasoned". plus that song "bulletproof" has been stuck in my head all day, so you have to hear it too so it can be stuck in your head (if you already are in the UK then you can laugh at me because i'm sure you hear it on the radio every day).. sorta tilda swinton-ish? but the hair...well, i think it can only last for one album.

i guess, also, since posting all those clippings yesterday...well i guess this is sort of the new version of clippings from magazines? you tube'm gonna go with that i think, maybe do this for other bands as i get obsessed with finding little weird info and clips about them. sounds right! things is though, 20 years later, i won't have you tube clips in a folder under my bed. sad. but in some ways more humanizing than the magazine articles we used to read. (love when the shapes explode)

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