Sunday, December 7, 2008

a walk in bushwick

today i attended the 3rd ward holiday craft fair, where my friend betsyply (check it out!) had her wonderful yarn and other fun handmade stuff on sale. these things always mystify me a bit, but also make me feel warm and fuzzy (craft fairs, that is). i think it has something to do with being taken to year/fabric stores all the time as a kid by my mom. she'd plop me down by the pattern books and say "find something that you like and i'll make it for you". unfortunately there weren't any unisex pattern books in the 70's, and everything always seemed too frilly for me, but if i didn't find something she'd find it for me. looking back its obvious she just wanted a project to work on, and it it was for me then it was practical. my poor mom, she obviously was born a few decades too soon.

anyway, i got off a million stops too soon, since i was taking the J instead of the L. the hewes street stop was an old haunt anyway, i used to work on scholes st in the late 90's in an artists storage space (you had a choice of the chinese/mexican place for food, or the yummy but all too brief in existence cuban sandwich place.) this was before cellphones (think pagers people) and there was a payphone nearby you could trick into thinking you gave it a quarter by hitting it (it was a bit obscene. you'd hit it, then it would say, in that automated female voice "thank you"). so i walked towards bushwick up montrose, past betsy's old east williamsburg neighborhood (it looked the same), then hit the montrose L stop (all the sudden it went from a wasteland to white people and restaurants), the abruptly turned into empty streets full of warehouses. the light was just gorgeous, and i really wished i had a zoom lens for my little digital camera. i took a few snaps, and here are a handful. i just wish it wasn't so frakkin cold out today! otherwise it was a perfect outing.

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