Wednesday, September 24, 2008

time , oh, and Ellen

so many new ideas, so little time. why is it that you can think of great stuff to make when you really don't have the time, but when you have time you space out and watch you tube? i guess sometimes you need to watch ellen confront john mccain on gay marriage on national daytime TV and hear what lame thing mccain says, then compare it to what hillary clinton said on the same show. very interesting. it DOES in some ways show how far we have gotten just to have someone who i actually gay and a natinal icon, on national television, confront the possible next president with these issues and get a response. I liked hillary's answer the best sort of overall, but it wasn't quite sufficient either. i'm not sure if i agree that calling it "marriage" is the right thing to do, just because there is so much history attached to that word (frankly, a lot negative esp. for women). perhaps it can be called something else. maybe everyone, gay and straight, should have the right to choose between the words "marriage" and "civil union" or something else. I think it should be more democratic across the board, really. everyone should have more rights in these situations.

ok, i didn't mean to go there this morning, i'm not sure where that came from in my brain. i'll go to work now and turn it off.

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