Friday, August 22, 2008


listening to "Generation Bass!" on radio 1, mary ann hobbs show. can't say i've heard mych dubstep, but i have heard ABOUT dubstep for quite awhile. reminds me a lot of pirate radio from back in the day (alien sounds to my 20 year old head) , but more of a mash up. i think i liked starkey the best, but then i was listening through a timy G5 speaker which i know doesn't do any music justice. ok, maybe i like them all. but as usual, where's all the women DJ's? its always boys, boys, boys. why?

"derive" has been on hold due to achy swollen ankle, but finally moved into the studio today, ace bandaged up my sprained ankle and set out into the world. have found some new spaces to wheatpaste onto (ok, one is old and close to my house, but its still valid). i lost my cute little measuring tape though and can't seem to get started until i find it (yes, just buy a new one i know). so many places to work with, its kinda insane.

i'm just itching to walk somewhere, anywhere, but i don't want to mess this ankle up more than it already is. double urgh.

haven't visited my old sites as of yet because of the ankle, but i will tomorrow and take some pix if things still exist. having some ontinuity issues in myhead, but what else is new. worried about the new semester, but can't seem to sit the fuck down and flesh it al out. so many ideas in my head, how do i get them out and into the world? urgh.

worried about my apartment too. we don't know whats happening to us. for the first time in 17 years i have no lease. we seem to be owned by a rather faceless "management company". i know , this is new york, get used to it, but i think we had a good run here. now its time to face 2008. kicking and screaming, but that means its worth it right?

took my old comuter to the studio today, and got lost in a pile of old scans, chunks of collaged photos i'd taken years ago that i scanned a few less yeas ago. some are super cool, but i'm not sure what to do with them. ugh, this whole continuity in project land is frustrating. or whatever.

ok, gotta elevate this ankle and watch some more "the wire - season 5". in the meantime, contemplate this picture of a midtown highrise. i couldn't figure out what was actually going on. why all the doors?

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