Monday, July 21, 2008

airport #1

at the pittsburgh airport, waiting for a flight to chicago. usual airport chaos, they are doing seat assignments for some people at the gate. why? doesn't that seem to be more work for everyone? i dunno. but this has happened to me before in the recent past. i really don't get it.

here's a picture of what i just left. i've ben looking at this horizon all my life. its the property line between my families land and the Guffey farm behind us. it neve fails to amaze me, and somehow magically hasn't changed much since i can ever remember. i've had nightmares before of the bulldozers coming in, the skies all grey, and tearing up the land for a housing development. with the economy the way it is, it might be safe. though i have heard that they rent the fields to other farmers now. no matter, it still looks like its being used the way a farm should.

hmmm, we might be able to get on the plane soon, so i better go.

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